Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick Update

A dozen blog drafts never completed-- documenting Thanksgiving, Christmas, redecorating, and more. I'm still working through rarely finishing what I begin; a habit that's plagued me since second grade. Working on that.

So, a quick update. The biggest news? Dylan and I have been house hunting for a few months. It's been quite the journey figuring out what we need and want right now. We thought this was our dream house, made an offer in October, but it wasn't accepted. And it's a blessing. After exploring huge farmhouses near Marysville, 2 bedroom cape cods in Clintonville, and cheap fix-me-ups in shadier parts, we fell in love with a house on Garden Road in Beechwold a few weeks ago. Our offer was accepted by the seller, but it's short sale which basically means the bank is taking a loss to avoid foreclosure, so not only does the seller have to accept our offer, but the bank and any other parties who might be entitled to money ALSO have to accept it. It could be months before we know anything. In the mean time we're dreaming about a fenced 0.29 acre yard, two car attached garage, 1.5 bathrooms, and wood-burning fireplace. Also having too much fun playing with Ikea's Kitchen Planner website and daydreaming an Ikea kitchen remodel:

More to come!