Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Right now I'm trying to find the motivation to keep packing. We start moving tomorrow! The biggest stuff is done. What's left is the unorganized, random clutter I promised not to bring into our new house. Stacks of old health insurance notifications and bills, dead batteries, travel-sized shampoo bottles, old cellphones+chargers, buttons, tiny stones from vacations, hoodie drawstrings... I struggle with this stuff. We don't need most of it. But I hate being wasteful. I don't want to fill the landfill with it. I want to file and hold onto important papers, I want to organize each and every button and put every paperclip with the other paperclips. I want to use up that tiny bit of shampoo. But we're moving in 30 hours and I want to start cleaning! So I'm stuck.
I got online to check email, then found myself looking at other houses for sale in the neighborhood, and stopped myself mid-click. Why on earth am I looking at listings when we just bought a house and move tomorrow???

The plan was to clean today. In my mind, our bedroom would be empty except for a suitcase and mattress on the floor, the second bedroom would be sparkling clean, the bathroom would only have the bare essentials in a travel bag, we'd be eating out of the only two bowls we hadn't packed...
In reality, our bedroom still has a lot of stuff minus two suitcases of clothes and our dressers. The second bedroom is in better shape--no furniture but it's littered with the random junk I wish would just disappear. Our living and dining rooms are a maze of boxes and furniture.... kitchen hasn't been touched, etc. We have a lot of stuff. I'll be looking for ideas to manage our "stuff" as we settle in!

We're just so ready to be out of here and into our home. Updates and pictures as I make progress. Let's go, Laura!

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Katie said...

I had to laugh at "random junk I wish would just disappear." Somehow that stuff is just so stubborn around move time! It's not so noticeable until you've made 20 trips out of a room and it still seems completely filled with crap you didn't even know you had!

I'm glad you guys are all moved out/in, and we just love Garden!